Milette Doors offers many installation options for your doors. We can trim or build your doors to custom sizes, premachine for hinges, drill for handle and latch holes, and machine for door accessories. Milette Doors makes finishing your door project easy!

Available options

Available options

Professional finishing

Standard finishing colours

Natural Natural
Golden Oak Golden Oak
Gunstock Gunstock
Special Walnut Special Walnut
Dark Walnut Dark Walnut
Ebony Ebony
Milette White Milette White
Milette Black Milette Black
Red Red
Yellow Yellow
Green Green
Grey Grey
All stained doors are a satin finish.

Custom colours

Milette Doors allows you to match the colour of your door to your floor, your walls or your furniture.

An infinity of possibilities for paint colours and stains.

The ultimate finish

Thanks to our professional finishing service, Milette Doors will prefinish the interior of the mouldings before the glass is inserted at assembly.

Extended warranty

Receive an additional one-year warranty by opting to have your door professionally finished by our Artisans.

Installation options


Hinges premachined and door handle holes drilled at standard or custom locations.

Technical specifications

Door assembly kit

Includes door frame, premachining for frame and door, hinges, astragal, flush bolts and/or roller latches for double door system.

Technical specifications

Swing options

Single door swing options

Double door swing options

Hardware options


Brass, Silver, Brushed Silver, Black
Technical specifications

Roller latch

Brass, Silver, Brushed Silver, Black
Technical specifications

Flush bolt

Brass, Silver, Brushed Silver, Black
Technical specifications

Transoms & Sidelites


Transoms above doors are available in many different models, frame and glass options.

Glass choice


Sidelites are available in single and double door units to match any door model.

Glass choice

Combine Transom + Sidelite

Combine a transom with a sidelite to enhance the look of your doors. An infinity of possibilities!

Glass choice


The 20 minute type B Fire-Rated door option is available in most of our standard panel doors.

Colonial moulding and Shaker moulding
Technical specifications

Decorative moulding on Shaker patern


Decorative moulding with square step sticking (groove)

Can only be applied on Shaker patern.


Decorative moulding with square

Can only be applied on Shaker patern.

Doors weight chart

Doors weight chart
Take a look a the complete weight chart of our different door models.
Technical specifications

Portes Milette offers a new variety of

Select your and and see its technical specifications :


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