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Door illustrated : Theme: Pantry | Style: Webster | Print colour: Black | Glass: Satin White | Wood specie: White Primed

Create my custom door

Some designs are subject to model restrictions.
Available width: 24’’-28’’-30’’-32’’-34’’-36’’

Choose the wood species :
Choose the door model :
Choose the glass :
Clear glass
Satin White glass
Choose the theme :
Choose the print design :
* Only available 80" high. Not available in " C " and " S " shapes
Choose the print design colour :

Available options

  • Professional finishing (standard finishing colours and custom colors)
  • Installation options and swing options
  • Hardware options, transoms and sidelites

Download our brochure The Imagine Collection uses the most current breakthrough in digital ceramic printing. This technological development is used to apply imagery, patterns or text to the surface of flat glass. The ceramic pigment are first printed, then fused to the glass at tempering, resulting in an impression that is resistant to light and scratches.
Each of our designs is available for printing on Satin White glass or Clear glass. Therefore we invite you to choose your own degree of privacy for your unique door.

Milette Doors offers many installation options for your doors. We can trim or build your doors to custom sizes , premachine for hinges, drill for handle and latch holes, and machine for door accessories.
We can include a complete jamb kit and professionally paint or stain your doors for you. Milette Doors makes finishing your door project easy!

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